Hosted Exchange Only £4.99 Per month Massive 50GB Mailbox!

125GB Microsoft Hosted Exchange Mailbox – hosted email with 25GB mailbox Plus all the following Included FREE! Instant push email using Outlook Outlook Web Access (OWA) Mobile push & sync technology Shared calendars, contacts and tasks Public folders and subfolders 99.9% financially backed SLA Award-winning Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Exceptional Email/Online Support Dedicated migration service Plus Optional Outlook 2010/2011 licence

Why Hosted Exchange? 

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most widely used business email systems as it boasts enterprise grade reliability and security that businesses require. It provides, Email, Calendar and contacts on your PC, MAC, web browser and phone.

Historically there are big disadvantages of hosting your own Microsoft Exchange server and often why small to medium businesses opt for cheaper email systems with less functionally;

High expense, business owners need to carefully consider the cost.

First of all you need a server costing around £6,000 / $9,500  for one however you will want to make sure your users are online 24/7 so let’s make that 2 servers so £12,000 / $19,000.

So let’s say you have 5 users: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard with a 5 user licence is around £1300 / $2000, you will also need a reliable backup and restore solution to make sure your data is safe around £4,000 / $6,300,

So realistically you are looking at around £23,000 / $36,800,000 plus don’t forget the initial install of the system, who is going to perform this and at what cost? Plus on-going yearly cost of this System Admin and related power, backups and not forgetting the updates, patches, complicated upgrades  and then hardware replacement in 3 years….

Now think about that compared to a cloud hosted exchange mailbox from DubHosting? Each 125gb mailbox is only £6.99 per month (monthly contract too!) so for 5 users the yearly cost would be £299.40 per year! We take care of all of the above.

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I hope this article has helped you see the benefits of our hosted Microsoft Exchange offering and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us

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